Where To Shop Colorful Tufted Rugs and Mirrors

Custom tufted rugs are the best room decor. Available in so many different colors, shapes, patterns, and sizes, there is a tufted rug for every room. This list ranges from flower-shaped rugs to tufted rug hanging mirrors. These could not be more adorable, soft, and customizable. These rugs come in a variety of different shapes and patterns including mushrooms, sneakers, flowers, and more. Affordable and accessible, check out this list to see where you can pick up one of these unique rugs. Disclosure, we only recommend products we would use and all opinions expressed here are our own. Posts may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission.


Punch Needle Coasters , Handmade Mug Rug , Drink Coasters

Urban Outfitters

Mushroom Tufted Bath Mat


Tufted wavy rug mirror


CUSTOM Tufted Mirror Handmade Rug Carpet Tufting Gun Mini Lime Green Wall Hanging Mirror

Rare Rug

Handmade custom tufted flower rug


Tufted Wool Wiggle Mirror

Jordan 1 custom rug


Handmade Tufted Optical Checkered Rug Mirror


Punch Needle Coaster

Moody Rugs

Handmade Groovy Heart Accent Rug

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