What is the Pearlcore Trend?

We live in an age of aesthetics. Nothing is as timeless and romantic as pearls. Now, pearls are having a moment of their own with ‘pearlcore’ being tipped to be one of the trending aesthetics of 2022.

But what is Pearlcore? It’s all about embracing the beauty of pearls in whatever way speaks to you. Whether it’s as jewelry, accents in your home, or as a full-blown outfit, pearls are having a moment in 2022.

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A never-ending love for pearls

Pearls are a natural gemstone created by oysters in a process that can get months – or even years to form a solid pearl. The first documented use of pearls dates to the 5th century BC after a pearl fragment was discovered in the sarcophagus that belonged to a Persian princess. Julius Caesar in the first century BC passed a law that allowed pearls to only be worn by the upper classes.

Pearls have been a status symbol ever since as the go-to gemstone of choice for royalty, nobility, and celebrities. The pearls that we know and love today are largely influenced by the fashion of Coco Chanel, who brought pearls into the mainstream with her now-classic Parisian designs.

How pearls are making a comeback

Pearls are something we usually associate with older women or people with a classic style. Studded pearl earrings or a double-stranded necklaces are a status symbol and an essential part of any timeless jewelry box. Since the days of Coco Chanel, pearls have been left to the accessories section or incorporated as embellishments on jackets or dresses.

Fashion designers, including Celine and Sonya Rykiel, are helping pearls make a comeback. Pearls are starting to pop up on the red carpet in new and inventive ways, including as face masks during the 2021 VMAS. You don’t have to count Kelly, Hepburn, or Kennedy amongst your fashion muses to enjoy pearls. Reimagined pearls are popping up everywhere from mini bags to streetwear jewelry.

The Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief Choker was one of the must-have accessories of 2021 with everyone from Bella Hadid to Jordan Huxhold wearing the ‘70s-inspired accessory. These aren’t your great-grandmother’s pearls.

Why we love Pearlcore

The beauty of Pearlcore is that the aesthetic works for everyone. Whether you’re a timeless minimalist or a grand millennial with a maximalist vibe, you can experiment with Pearlcore. You can start with something as simple as a pearl bracelet and find a way to make the aesthetic work for you.

Unlike other trends that make you go all out, Pearlcore is about taking an elegant stone and making it your own. Whatever your personal style, you can give Pearlcore a try.