Trending Summer Nail Art

Booking in for a manicure is the ultimate self-care. No outfit is complete without a coat of polish – whether you’re a fan of avant-garde nail art or a classic French manicure. This summer is the perfect time to experiment with nail art. With the summer season about to kickstart, it’s time to level up your nail game. Whether you’re heading to the beach or jetting off on a tropical vacation, these are the summer nail art trends for 2021.

Make sure to bookmark this page or screenshot your favorites to recreate with a DIY manicure or take to your next nail appointment.

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1. Rainbow French nails

Summer is all about chasing rainbows and lounging in the sun. If you want to experiment without going too far out of your comfort zone, try rainbow French nails. You get the classic look of a French manicure with the twist of a rainbow tip. If you’re booking in to see your nail tech, ask them to create a little cloud on one end of your rainbow.

2. Stars and rainbows

The early-2000s are the beauty industry’s current muse, including for nail art. These stars and rainbow nails are highly customizable, allowing you to choose the color and style of your art. Choose your favorite color palette and mix and match the stars and rainbows. You can use the stars as an accent on your ring finger or rotate between the two styles.

3. Butterflies

Does anything scream summer more than butterflies? You can DIY them at home with stickers or ask your nail tech to recreate your favorite more intricate hand-drawn butterflies. Keep it classic with a pale polish to make your butterflies pop.

4. Clouds

Summer is for lounging on the beach and staring up at the clouds in the morning or stars at night. Cloud nails are one of the biggest trends for summer 2021. These cartoon-inspired clouds are easy to recreate at home with an art brush and white polish. You can recreate the sky with a blue polish or go with a pastel shade for a summer twist.

5. Heart beam nails

We love Powerpuff Girls-inspired nail art that screams 80s chic. Is there anything more fun than hearts? Heart beam nails are everywhere we look on Instagram. You can keep it classic with bold red and pink hues or mix it up with your favorite shades.

6. Classic Red Shades

When in doubt, go with classic red polish. These nails are perfect for special occasions or if you need an office-appropriate look. You can make this classic look contemporary by swapping it up with different hues of red. This trend is elegant and can be swapped out with other colors like pastels or jewel hues.

Summer nail trends are all about injecting color into your look. Whether you’re devoted to acrylics or like the flexibility of gels, these are the trends you have to try in Summer 2021.