The Sustainable Beauty Products You Need to Know About

Top of our to-do list for 2022 is to become more sustainable. Any mission starts at home – with sustainability being no exception. It’s become one of the biggest conversations within the beauty industry and beyond. What can we do to protect our planet? Everything from the ingredients in our products to their packaging has an impact on the place we call home.

It’s no surprise that sustainable beauty is becoming a trend in its own right. Sustainability is one 2022 trend we’ll all be jumping on. To kickstart your journey to a greener makeup bag, we’re sharing the sustainable beauty products that you need to know about. These products are a gamechanger for you and your skin.

1. Face Halo Make-up Remover Pad

It’s time to ditch those makeup wipes. Switch out to the Face Halo make-up remover pad that only requires water to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Just one of these dual-sided pads can replace up to 500 makeup wipes. It’s a win for your wallet and the planet.

These makeup remover pads are the perfect size for throwing into your gym bag or packing in a carry on. You’ll never an excuse for using makeup wipes again!

2. UpCircle Coffee Scrubs

Body scrubs are amongst the most environmentally damaging beauty products. The microbeads that you find in scrub attribute to the trillions of tiny plastic pieces that end up in our oceans and harm marine life.

The UpCircle Coffee Scrub guarantees you a guilt-free exfoliation. Their body scrub is made using leftover coffee grounds from artisan coffee shops across London, using a natural ingredient to help reduce waste and protect the planet.

3. Ethique Tone It Down Solid Conditioner

Give your hair a sustainable makeover with Ethnique. This next-generation brand is famous for their plastic-free hair bars that are carbon neutral. Their Tone It Down Solid Conditioner is an innovative purple solid conditioner that helps to eliminate brassiness from your hair, while brightening your hair. As a solid conditioner, you don’t have to worry about plastic packaging going to waste and you can enjoy every last drop of product.

4. BYBI Beauty Babe Balm

BYBI is the sustainable skincare brand that everyone is raving about. Their certified vegan and cruelty free ‘Babe Balm’ is a cult-favourite and helps to soothe and protect your skin. It contains calendula and hibiscus oil, blended with shea butter to create a multi-tasking balm that you can use everywhere from your lips to your toes.

5. Axiology The Bullet Lipstick

When it comes to sustainable beauty, lipstick is one product that often catches people out. Lipsticks are typically made using lanolin, an animal-derived ingredient. Axiology’s sustainable lipstick is a natural alternative and is 100% recyclable. You’ll get a rich pigment from this long-lasting formula. The red shade is stunning and another one of our favorites.