The Fall Hairstyles That Will Have You Wanting to Change Your Style

Fall hairstyles are usually all about going darker as the temperatures start to drop. After 18 months of lockdowns, we’ve lost track of the seasons. What makes these fall 2021 hairstyle trends different is that they’re transitional and seasonless. This list for fall hairstyles has something to offer everyone, from retro ‘70s-inspired haircuts to the classic French bob. Whether you want a total hair transformation or a fun look to experiment with, these fall hairstyles will have you trying something new.

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1. The Modern Diana

Thanks to the success of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ and with ‘Spencer’ hitting cinemas soon, we’re all head over heels for Princess Diana’s hair. It’s no surprise that her signature chopped look is one of the biggest fall hairstyles for 2021. You can give her classic ‘90s look a modern update with shorter layers to create a pixie-bob hybrid.

2. Farah Fawcett

Another muse for fall hairstyle trends is Farah Fawcett. You can’t scroll through TikTok without seeing someone rocking a Farah Fawcett inspired look. It’s all about adding volume to your hair with signature curtain bangs that frame your face and add a feminine touch. If you try out this fall hairstyle, rollers and a round brush will become your BFF.

3. Invisible layers

If you want to give your hair a subtle update, invisible layers are the way to go. It’s one of the most popular autumn hairstyles for long hair and is all about adding texture and volume. For a seamless look, you want your long layers to subtly frame your face with the shortest layer cut to your cheekbones. Unlike previous layer trends, it should look as effortless as possible.

4. Rounded bob

A bob is always a staple of fall hairstyles. If you want an edgy look, choose a choppy pop with a blunt cut. While this hairstyle is a cute option, the rounded bob is a standout look for fall 2021. It’s elevated and sophisticated, as well as being universally flattering for all face shapes. You can customise your bob to flatter your facial features. A longer bob helps to draw attention to your jawline, while shorter bobs flatter your cheekbones.

5. Healthy all-natural hair

One of the biggest fall hairstyles is all-natural. The healthy hair trend is about investing in your hair and giving it the TLC it deserves. Autumn and winter can cause chaos for your hair, making it dehydrated and leaving you with a dry and sensitive scalp.

Incorporating regular hydrating masks and serums into your routine is so important in the Fall. It’s also the perfect time to ditch your heat products and embrace your natural hair type with the help of bonding oils and scalp massages to promote hair growth and prevent breakage.