The Best Vegan Nail Polish Brands

The vegan beauty industry is booming. There are more options than ever to find vegan and cruelty free products. You may be asking what is vegan nail polish? Well vegan nail polish is nail polish that contains NO animal-derived products. Cruelty Free means NO testing products on animals. Nail polish brands that are not vegan contain animal products such as guanine which is derived from fish scales, carmine which is derived from crushing insects, and Keratin derived from mammals such as cattle and horses. When it comes to makeup and beauty products I always look for vegan and cruelty free brands. Here is a comprehensive list of Vegan nail polish brands and products! Disclosure, we only recommend products we would use and all opinions expressed here are our own. Posts may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission.

Nail Tools




Ella & Mila


Kester Black


786 Cosmetics

Lauren B Beauty

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