How to Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

The beauty industry is changing – and for the better. Thanks to the pandemic, we’re all starting to embrace the idea of ‘natural beauty’, whether it’s skipping foundation or ditching our hair straighteners. If you’re blessed with a beautiful texture to your hair, it’s time to embrace it with open arms. Summer is the perfect time to start experimenting with your hair texture and having fun with it. We’re sharing our top tips on how to embrace your natural hair texture and show it the love it deserves.

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Embracing naturally wavy hair textures

With wavy hair, you want to keep it as hydrated and voluminous as possible while preventing frizz and keeping the hair smooth. If you want to achieve bouncy natural waves, we’ve got the perfect routine for you.

You want to start by washing your hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner that gives your hair back its body and volume. When you’re towel-drying your hair, add in a wave spray that helps to define the texture and shape of your waves. You can add in an extra texture mist to protect your hair while blow-drying for extra volume. If your hair isn’t voluminous enough for you, add a styling spray that can help boost your hair and give it a post-blow dry lift.


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Embracing naturally straight hair textures

When you have straight hair, your priority is to keep your hair smooth and to avoid frizz. Swap out to an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner that will help you maintain your hair’s natural shine while preventing unwanted frizz from taking over. Anti-frizz products are a must during the warmer months and to help you achieve the smoothest hair texture.

You might be tempted to use your straighteners religiously to keep your hair smooth, but you want to avoid overusing them. Use your straighteners or flat iron to touch up the parts of your hair that need a little extra help. If you’re using straighteners, make sure to have a heat protectant on hand to keep your hair protected from heat damage and breakage.


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Embracing naturally curly hair textures

Looking after naturally curly hair can be difficult. It’s all about establishing the right hair routine for your hair texture and using the correct styling products. You want to embrace your natural curls instead of hiding them away with straighteners. Trust us. Ditching your hot tools will make you fall back in love with your hair.

You want to be using a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for curly hair. They’ll have all the ingredients you need to protect the hair follicle and help your curls maintain their natural shape without attracting frizz.

With curly hair, you want to use styling products to help sculpt the shape of the curls. Gels, mousses, and hair creams are your BFF to help give you the perfect natural curls.

This summer, ditch the ten-part haircare routine and put away all the hot tools. Embracing your natural hair texture is all about giving your hair the nourishment and love that it deserves.


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How do you look after your natural hair texture? Let us know in the comments below!