Heatless Hair Curlers

Achieving shiny and bouncy curls without damaging your hair seems impossible, right? Well, it isn’t. There are so many heatless curl options that you need to test out. For the longest time, I was consistently curling my hair using a curling wand but I never got the results I wanted. Even when I used a heat protectant spray, my hair was never as silky or shiny as I wanted it to be. I have tried apple cider vinegar and countless hair masks but the one real change in my hair care routine that changed my hair game forever was cutting out all heat tools and switching to heatless curls.

This first heatless curl method is my personal favorite. Not only does it leave you with bouncy, shiny curls but it is so easy to use and affordable. The steps to use this silk curl headband are as follows. First, you can choose to spray your hair with a spray bottle to dampen your hair, put in hair oil or any product you desire, or keep the hair as is. Next, lay the silk rod across your hair like a headband. Then, take small sections of your hair from the front and wrap around the silk rod on both sides, splitting your hair into two even sections. Every time you grab a piece from the front, grab more each time while still holding on to the original piece. Use the two provided scrunchies to tie the hair at the bottom of the rod. Next, go to bed and wake up the next morning with the perfect curls. When you wake up, simply take out the scrunchies, and gently pull the silk rod from the top of your head. Apply product or simply shake out the curls. These curls will last for hours, so make sure to check this out on Amazon for only $25.


Heatless curling rod headband


Effortless No-Heat Hair Curler


Hair Curlers Heatless Wave and Spiral Curl Formers Two Styles

These heatless curls are so easy to use and have a variety of options. Each order comes with 20 wave-style hair curlers and 20 spiral curlers. These curlers come in both 16 inches and 22 inches for varying hair lengths and a multitude of colors. The steps are so easy to use these curl formers. First, divide damp hair into sections, grab a piece of hair at the root with the hook, thread hair through the hair rollers. Then, when your hair dries, simply pull the wave formers out and enjoy your cute and easy waves. The best part is that you can achieve two different looks with these. Since the set comes with both wave and spiral formers you can achieve either beach waves or more loose curls. These are another perfect way to achieve a hairstyle you will love without the damage of heat tools. The 16-inch curlers ring in at $18.99 and the 22-inch curlers are $23.99. We promise that you won’t regret checking these out.

Tifara Beauty

42-pack 7" Flexible Curling Rods

Rollers are making a comeback! I love the way that roller curls come out however, most hair rollers get stuck in my hair and tend to rip it. This is why Flexi rods are the perfect alternative. Flexi rods are a more time-consuming heatless approach but definitely worth the wait. Each pack comes with 47 pieces of foam rollers of all different sizes. These rods are perfect for all hair lengths and can create so many kinds of curls. The pack comes with rods of varying thicknesses to create curls of different sizes. This set comes in seven different sizes in multiple bright colors. To use these curlers, separate your hair into many sections and wrap each strand of hair around a roller. The rollers can be bent around the hair and will stay. Sleep with the rollers and wake up with beautiful curls. Each set is only $12.99 and comes with everything you need to achieve the perfect curls.

If this hasn’t compelled you enough, just know that consistent use of heat tools will severely damage your hair leaving it dry, unhealthy, and have little to no shine. So make sure to check out these heatless hair tools to drastically improve your hair game. Simple, easy, and affordable, all of these hair tools are perfect for you!