Eyeliner Trends You Need to Wear Now

Just because plenty of places still require masks in 2021 doesn’t mean we have to succumb to no makeup. Instead, we need to place heavier importance on the eyes. But what’s the best way to make those eyes pop and make a statement?

The 2021 eyeliner trends are, well, completely out of the box, and we’re living, honey. Cat-eye has finally stepped off to the side, so you can ditch your favorite black eyeliner and all the nifty tools and gadgets you may have used for that infamous winged look.

Instead of the notorious cat-eye, try on one of these top eyeliner trends and love the way you look.

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Floating Eyeliner

Basically, 2021 is not having upper lid eyeliner. So, instead of going the traditional route by lining the eye, why not make it clear you’re through with conventional looks altogether? The floating eyeliner look is hot, even though you might feel a bit odd doing it at first.

To do the floating eyeliner, use your favorite eyeliner to create an arch over the eye, following the crease. Any color will do, but I especially love enchanting shades for this look, such as this gorgeous yellow.

Marc Jacobs

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Other colors we love

Bright Lower Liner

For years, the upper lid has been having all the fun. Whether you were going all-out with a sparkly party look or doing something more natural and effortless, you placed a whole lot of emphasis on that upper lid. Don’t worry, we all did.

But 2021 is asking for something different. Instead of playing up your upper lid, it’s all about that lower liner, girl. You can ditch your upper lid eyeliner for a more intense effect that really wows.

Oh, and don’t hesitate to go vivid with your look. Metallic blues and pinks are all the rage and look great.

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Have you noticed that styles these days are a little mismatched? 2021 has given the green light to be your own unique and funky self. So, if you feel like pairing plaid and polka dots, go for it. If you want to wear stripes and elephant print, do it. There are no limits this year, and the best thing to do is be yourself!

As you might assume, the same holds for eyeliner trends. Mismatched eyeliner is surprisingly popular, and it’s a whole lot of fun. The next time you’re heading out for a night on the town, consider using two different shades. It’s double the fun (and possibly double the trouble - shhh).

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If you aren’t yet a fan of pastel makeup, clothing, and accessories, get into it. All pastels are in, and they look incredible. These softer, lighter shades act as an instant refresher for the face. Whether you opt for a subtle pastel purple or a soft and pretty aqua, you can guarantee a fun look that makes you feel younger, lighter, and beautifu.

By the way - you can use pastels anyway you please. Yes, that includes the ‘traditional’ way of using eyeliner on the upper lid. Not everyone feels comfortable going bold with new makeup looks, and that’s okay!


If you’re not afraid to have all eyes on you, then you need to consider this fierce eyeliner color trend for 2021. In a word, wow. Red grabs the attention of everyone around, and now it can be the focal point of your makeup look. Imagine wearing this sultry eye color with a black mask?

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Final Thoughts

This year, it’s all about stepping out from the ‘norm’ and having fun. Whether you indulge in a mismatched look or add a pop of color to your lower lid, you can guarantee a look that’s fashionable with plenty of flares. Just have fun with it!