Accessorizing 101

Accessories are the unsung heroes of an outfit, they are the glue that ties it together; think handbags, watches, or jewelry. Accessories like the ones readers can find at our OOTD and handbags blog are the type of unsung heroes that can make that outfit pop, or that can tie an outfit together. We do believe when you are making an investment in a special handbag it should be able to work with many different outfits. An investment piece is just that a splurge that is  statement worthy but should also be highly versatile.


 At ShopTheTrendBlog, readers will find both leads on great outfits, pieces, and accessories. Check out our OOTD and handbags blog for the latest deals and tips on everything from what is hot, what outfits are trending, and even the most stylish accessories like handbags. Our goal is to help you save money by making wise investments in your wardrobe. We can show you how to make 5 or more outfits out of 2 all day long. Outfit combinations are the key to stretching your wardrobe and so is having good essentials. Think capsule wardrobe.


Find the right accessories, tips to help you put it all together, and so much more at ShopTheTrendsBlog. Contact us with outfit questions or content suggestions. Personal styling is our passion. We love to share what we do.